Accelerate The Work Of Your HR Unit By 2X.


1. Construct Job Description With Docs.

-> A large number of recruitment efforts becomes unsuccessful during the initial phase only i.e, designing a job description. If you use Docs, and when your Hiring team and hiring manager are discussing about the best candidates, at that time you will be quick enough to find out the right person for the job. Tell your team also to do the create the content with Docs, give feedback in the actual time and generate a victorious job description that catches everyone’s viewpoint.

2. Use Hangouts and Chromebooks To Boost Up The performance At Career fairs. 

-> When you represent your institution at career fair, it enhances the chances of attracting the top candidates, but selecting an honest and suitable candidate could be a more challenging.Establish a team with hangouts in order to backing the onsite members and take benefits of hiring opportunities, from anywhere across the world.

3. Use Docs To Lift The Participation With Interviewers.

​-> Conducting Interviews could be a very long process, as there could be several number of candidates for the interview. Also during an interview a person gets interviewed by many people in one day only, which consumes time. Due to so many processes it is important that the procedure must be completed productively.
-> Maintain your notes regarding the interview in Docs and share it with all other recruiters so that they could see the feedback in actual time. An interview team with more information could reduce the complexity of the process and can make the process easier.

4. Keep A Look On Pipeline Status And Update It With Sheets.

-> To assure that your hiring team, recruiting team must receive all the updates, is not less than a great challenge when you are struggling with different candidate pipelines, frequent updates, etc.
-> Use Sheets to make your work easy, as with Sheets you could observe and note the pipeline statuses so that everyone can get the updated information at a single place and can also ask the work related questions easily in the spreadsheet.

5. Get A Progress In Your Offer Acceptance Rate Using Hangouts.

-> When you select a candidate and decide to give an offer to him, then to convince him you have to give him a deal  which should be better than all other offers he is already having. Instead of communicating with him on the phone, try to make a face to face interaction with him using Hangouts, so that the candidate may find your offer impressive as well as remarkable.

6. Establish Interviews By Collaborating Hangouts and Docs. 

-> The proper way to conduct an interview is, test the ability of the candidate by meeting him in the actual time. But it is not necessary that you have to go on site in order to check a candidate’s potential.
-> In the initial stage of the recruiting process, conduct remote hangout interviews and share Docs with the candidate. 
The candidate will write his answers in the document only, As the document is a shared one, so you can actually see the candidate’s thinking ability while solving the answers.At last, you can calculate that the candidate is good enough for the job or not.

7. Upload All The Training Resources On Sites.

-> In big companies, new employees usually gets confused as they get their resources after some complex procedures. Simplify it by creating a Site and upload all the training resources on it. By doing this, the candidates could easily find out all the training material easily.

8. Use Forms To Conduct Surveys. 

-> Get feedback of your employee’s performance and many other things by conducting surveys with the help of Forms.
​-> It doesn’t require any other special software or tools to conduct a survey. Simply use Forms and send the survey to a group of having many people in it. Once, the survey is over then you can calculate the responses with Sheets.

9. Share The Updated Data By Storing It In Drive.

-> There could be a plot that your organization’s instructors may teach the same material across the globe. In this case, it could be a tough situation for them to make sure that they are using the updated material or not.
-> People share the updated data with each other by attachments but as the size of data increases, the chances of getting the updated data decreases. So to avoid this situation store your all the relevant data in Drive and give it to all instructors.
 If anyone edits a document, then all of the other instructors could see the changes and the could also give the feedback in the actual time. With this, all the instructors will receive the updated information easily.

10. Teach From Anywhere to Anyone Across The Globe Using Hangouts. 

-> Train anyone in the world from any place by constructing virtual classes using Hangouts and share with employees all around the globe.
 It would save your cost also, as you won’t have to set up training programs in every place.Apart from that you could also record the training video for future references.


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