Boost Up Your Digital Presence On The Internet.


1. Turn Up in Google’s Search Result And Get Recognized Locally:-

-> Develop an online station for the promotion and awareness of your company, simply by using Google Sites. In Google Sites no coding is required to make a website and you can also include all the content related videos and images on it.
-> Update your site routinely in order to rise the search engine optimization. Apart from that, get a hike on traffic to your website just by coupling it with a Google+ page. For the betterment of the site use hashtags in every posts.
​-> At last, register your site with Google My Business at free of cost in order to create a public identity. Also add the contact number for the customers interaction as well as the address of your organization so that the customers could find you easily.

2. Organize The Promoting Email Campaign More Conveniently:- 

-> Whenever you construct a campaign you have to reply with the same promotional information again and again, which usually consumes time.
-> The remedy is that just save your reply with the canned responses in Gmail. And when in future you have to send the same information regarding the campaign just select it from the  saved option in the candid responses. By doing this, you don’t have to type the whole message again and again so it will save your time as well.

3. Run A Successful Campaign:- 

-> Organizing a campaign could take a lot of time and it can be difficult to correlate also. In the initial stage set up a team of marketing members and tell them about all the details and schedules by making a team calendar.
 Once the campaign is ready broadcast it with the help of Calendar. After that make a website especially for your campaign with the use of Sites, which includes the details of the campaign and the promotional media. By doing this the customers could gather all the information they need only at one place.

4. Get Recognized With Social Media:-

-> Once you create a profile on Google+ or on any other social media platforms, be sure to include all the useful details in order to lift the chances of coming in search results. Initiate conversation with the customers by doing different kinds of activities regarding the product such as sharing photos and videos, giving feedback on new products etc.
 Focus on your business goals and update the posts which targets the product, also keep an eye that how audience are responding to it. If the product’s pictures gets noticed a lot, then use them to increase the interest of your followers.

5. Advertise Your New Products:- 

-> Suppose you launched a new product, now obviously you also want to share it with your all of your customers in a presentable manner.
Create an impressive Slide presentation which elaborates about the product’s perks and features. You could also make your presentation even more productive by inserting images and videos.
 In the last step, pump up the attention of the customers by pairing your presentation on your organization’s website with the help of using Sites.

6. Get The Feedback Of Your Product From Your Customers:-

​-> In the initial stage of your product’s development, you could create a survey in forms and can combine it with Sites, so that you could get a customer’s feedback.
​-> Once you get responses, the marketing managers can evaluate the overall response in Sheets
and can make further strategies to move towards the product’s growth.

7. Develop And Share Quality Creative Assets With Your Complete Marketing Team:-

-> Sometimes do you have a confusion in your mind that all team members got the videos, PDFs, designs or not?  Well this issue can be solved out easily by Drive. Save all the important work files and folders in Drive and share them at any moment with all the other team members and be secured.
​-> You could also see that what changes have been made -on the files, also everyone stays on the same page who have the same standard time.

8. Get Interacted From New Audience With Exciting Ads:-

​-> Prepare an out of the box idea for your website ads. The ads can include special offers, time to time flash sales, publicity of products as well as a call to action button like Subscribe, Buy now, Add to cart etc.
-> Videos could also be a great media of platform for the promotion of your products. The time duration of an ad must not exceed 30 sec and you must represent your brand in the starting time only so that no one could miss it.
-> For meeting up the new audience share the video on the Google+ profile, Sites and also on the channel of your organization’s Youtube channel. More the number of platforms, more will be the audience. Keep a note that on some social media sites your ad video could be mute for the first few seconds, so you must think of measures to enlist viewers during that high time.

9. Develop A Mobile Friendly Website:- 

-> You can easily create a mobile friendly website with the help of Sites. The website must work flawless in mobile devices. The website should automatically adjusts itself with respect to the screen size of the customer.
-> Open the website in your own phone and analyze various things, like Is it user friendly? Are the phone numbers set properly, if the user wants to contact in a single go? Also use ad services like ADWORDS, when your mobile ad is ready to run.
​-> Set those type of keywords in your site which must   be brief but also gives a lot of information because in  mobile devices people uses short points.

10. Get Yourself Recognized With Your Email:-

-> In initial stage an excellent character is the first step to establish a good relationship with your customer. If you want that people must know you and they should have faith on the mail which you are sending to them, you should always include your name as well as the email address in the ‘From’ field of Gmail.
-> Briefly write the subject lines under 10 words and target only on the appropriate data. You could also set your own photo or your organization’s symbol as your profile picture.
​-> The benefit of doing this is that whenever anyone will put a cursor on your name in their mailbox, hangout lists, contacts, they will be able to see your picture and will recognize you easily.


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