Construct A Virtual Group of Employees and Guide Them on Any Project.


1. Use Only One Team Address And Make Your Communication And Sharing More Smooth.

-> Suppose you want to share the same data or information with the team members who are all around the world. Then in that case, instead of sending mail again and again to all of them, create a Group and add all of the team members in it.
-> By doing this, when you want to share a status update or shared resources(for ex- team calendars and drive documents) just type the Group’s email address and the information will be delivered to everyone in the group.


2.  Work On Multiple Apps Easily And Share It With Your Teammates At The Same Time.
-> If you are working on a project which needs documents, presentation etc then G Suite will make your work quite easy.
-> In G Suite, neither  you  have to send your mails repeatedly nor you have to struggle out with the various attachments. Just use Docs, Slides and Sheets in order to edit the data at the same time. –> You can also get a feedback from others using comments and can also chat when you are working with the files. In G Suite, since the changes are saved automatically from time to time so the team members will always get the updated versions.

3. Organize Video Meetings And Other Events With Your Virtual Team.  

-> Let’s presume that in every country your company has a branch of it, and in each branch you have a teammate.
-> Now if you want to have a face to face interaction with them then G Suite is the best option for you.

 Either you have a mobile device or a computer, you can use Hangouts from any of the device and can get connected with your team at anytime.
-> No matter wherever they are in the world, the connection will be established for sure. Tie up with your team members in a video meeting and discuss various ideas for the advancement of the project.

4. Manage The Updated Project Record And  Strategies With Other Teammates. 

-> If you are having regular changes in your project then it could be a problematic situation for you to track down the team’s projects and schedules.
-> Google Sheets gives you a sign of relief in these kind of scenarios. You just have to create your team’s work and tracking completion in a dynamic Sheets project plan.
 From anywhere on the world, your teammates can easily give updates about the project in real time. As everyone is working and updating on the same project plan so it will be easier to circulate the task and all of them could also have a look on changing schedules.

5. Use Calendars To Manage Your Virtual Meetings.

​-> Team members in different countries could have a different timezone from each other. So in this plot it would be a bit difficult if you want to organize virtual meetings with them.
-> Using Calendar, this obstacle can be easily clear up. You could layer your teammate’s Calendar just to see that at what convenient time, all of your team members can be available for the meeting.
 And when finally you know what can be the best time, it will become much more easy to organize team meetings.

6. Get Everyone Updated With The Team’s Updated News.    

​-> There can be a case where you want to deliver the same updated information to each member of your project team. In these kind of cases instead of typing a mail to every member of your team just share the information using Groups and Calendar.
-> Create a group and add all of your teammates in it. After that, update all the changes in schedules, reminders and notifications to the group only.
-> By doing this all the teammates will be regularly updated about the project.

7. Save, Share And Use Your Project Related Data From Anywhere Across The Globe. 

-> Upload all of your project’s related content in a specific folder of your Google Drive and share them with others whenever you want.
-> If in case someone makes a change in any of the file, the Google Drive will show you what changes have been done. Teammates can use any of the files from anywhere around the world.

8. Construct A Site For The Team So That All The Teammates Could Easily Find Any Updated Information At One Place Only. 

​-> If we will keep a track on all the project information, schedules, etc then the time taken of doing it would be quite more.
-> If you want to cut it short, then create a website using Google Sites and update all the renovation of project team’s contact information etc, in it. By doing this wherever your teammate is located, they can find out the information in a single place only.

9. Legitimize The Teammates With Communities.

​-> Inspire the team members to make a Google+ community. By doing this all the teammates will be connected easily and will have a more strong bonding with each other.
​-> In a community all the teammates can easily share their ideas regarding the project with each other easily.

10. Establish Online Surveys  To Get The Feedback of Everyone’s Performance. 

-> Once the project is done, feedback plays a very important role in improvement.
->With the help of Forms you can create an online survey easily and highlight the important sections in the Form like communication skills, performance, etc.
​->Once you’ll get the results make a strategy about each member’s needs and goals.


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