Deliver An Impressive Presentation Of Your Work.


1. Have An Electrifying Beginning With Master Slides And Templates.

-> A master slide is that type of slide, in which if a change is being made, then that change can be view in all other slides also or any new slide which we create later.
-> Whenever you create a template which can be used by your team again, master slides helps you, as it makes your presentation look more skillful and acute.

2. Link Your Teammates With The Presentations In Actual Time.

​-> Your teammates could also have a contribution in your work, when you are designing a presentation.
-> All what you have to do is, outline your idea in 
Slides with the main targets and after that just share your presentation with your whole team. By doing this all the teammates could easily work on the presentation together.
​-> You can also see the changes in the actual time and could also provide the feedback to others.

3. Evaluate Your Presentation Data With Charts.

​-> There could be a case that your presentation contains a large amount of data.
-> Now, in this scene if you want to make your presentation understandable and effective then you could create a chart in Sheets and can merge it with your Slide.
​-> Your chart has a direct link with your Sheets, Therefore any changes being made in 
the data will be modernize by the presentation.

4. Explore And Add Data Without Moving Out From Your Slides. 

​-> There are some in built tools in G suite and Explore is also one of them.
 Whenever you want to add an image or if you want to insert any data, you could instantly find it out without even moving out from your presentation.

5. Give Your Presentation A Boost Up With Some Artwork.

​-> If the data which is in your presentation is somehow complex, then at that time visuals can be used to simplify the complexity of the presentation.
 You can add images, diagrams, flowcharts to make the presentation more understandable to the viewers.
->Apart from that you could also use transitions and animations in the  presentation.

6. Provide An Update to Your Presentations From Anywhere At Anytime.

-> You can make any changes in your presentation from your mobile devices also, by using the Slides app. Whether you are in a market or in a movie theater it is always accessible to update your training modules, pitch decks etc.
 The changes which were made by your mobile devices will be automatically synced to all your other devices. Therefore you’ll be always updated.

7. Recall Your Core Points Easily.

->​ Any presentation could be complicated or lengthy. While presenting the presentation, make your work easier by using the speaker notes in Slides.
-> The main function of speaker notes is that, you can see these notes while presenting. A timer feature could also be used to keep your presentation go in a proper manner.

8. Showcase The Presentation To Virtual Audience Across The World.

-> ​Whether you want to present your presentation to the viewers who are across the globe or if you want to give training to your new employees.
->Both of them could be easy done by G suite. You could use 
Hangouts while you want to show the Slides presentation, as Hangouts enables you to do a direct video call to anyone all around the world.

9. Use Mouse As Your Laser Pointer To Grab The Audience’s Attention. 
-> Sometimes you may have a very long information in your presentation.
 In this scenario, use your mouse as a laser pointer in order to capture your audience’s attention. -> Help your viewers to understand where to look and when.

10. Interact Your Viewers With Some Collaborative Questions And Answers.

-> Rather than having an one way communication, involve your audience in interactive questions and answers from the Slides.
->Viewers can directly submit their questions in the actual time and can also vote on them. If in case you don’t have time to answer all the questions, you could only answer the questions which has the maximum number of votes.


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