Get Accomplishment In Sales And Marketing


1. Hook Up On A Request For Proposal With Your Teammates.

​-> Google Docs helps you out in production of a successful Request for proposal also known as R.F.P. You may have to deliver an important R.F.P within a short deadline or you may be you need to get input from several other teams, but with that you also want to neglect the version control and edit locking issue as well.
​-> In these kind of cases always use Docs to construct content. With the help of the comments, you could also provide a feedback in the actual time. By doing all this a victorious R.F.P can be get produced.

2. Have An Access To Your Files From Any Device And At Anytime.

-> You can do your office work even you are not in the office. Just save your work related files in your Google Drive and have an access to them from anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have a computer, you could use these files from any device for example  mobile phone, tablets etc.

3. Maintain And Share Quality Resources With The Organization.

​-> Whenever you work on an important project with various other teammates, you always have a pressure in mind that did everyone received the latest designs, documents, PDFs and many other data sets.
-> So to make your make clear and simple, create a folder in Google Drive and save all your important data in it only, after that easily share all the data with your other teammates. If there will be a change by someone then Drive will detect it and will show it you, so everyone across the globe stays on the same page.

4. Educate Your Sales Team At Anytime Without Even Meeting Them.

​-> If you have to train some people and you even won’t have time to go onsite. Then in this case use Hangouts and create a virtual class and get connected with all of your sales team.
​-> By doing this your time and travel cost will be surely get saved. Apart from that, you could also record the lecture videos to show it to other people.

5. Supervise Your Trade Shows In A Proper Manner.

-> ​What would you do if  have a trade show with various other teams and within a short span of time.? What if you are creating assets but not even sure that will they get delivered on time.?
​-> Well, the quick fix of these scenarios is Sheets. As Sheets gives you the freedom to share, store and update all the information which are related to project in the actual time.

6. Evaluate The Feedback Received By The Conducted Survey.

-> Forms help you to establish surveys, and with forms you could even establish quite fast results. You can easily see the feedback or the opinions and once you get it, generate charts and graphs to inspect the feedback in Sheets.

7. Generate A Site To Give All The Information To Your Teammates At A Single Place Only.

​-> You may be get irritate if you have to reply many of your teammates individually regarding any information related to a project.
​-> If you want to reduce the burden of yours then in that case, create a website using Sites and within that website create a department portal and easily share it with all other teammates.

8. Construct A Remarkable Presentation.

​-> A good presentation can turn up a great deal. Use Slides and create some stunning presentations. Add all the information as well as some good visuals, to make your presentation more presentable.

9. Make A Marketing Team Calendar For All The Employees And Suppliers.

-> ​Design a team calendar for all the employees and suppliers, so that everyone has an update about team’s agenda, time limit of the campaigns, and many more.
​-> With Calendar you could also have a track on which employee is taking a vacation and for how long.

10. Get Your Meaningful Emails Quicker.

​-> Filter and labels in Gmail helps you to reply back to your necessary emails much quicker. With these features Gmail could have a sharp folder like structure.

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