Have More Effective Communications


1. Apply Meaningful Subjects In Your Email.

-> One of the feature of Gmail is that, it automatically links together, all the emails which have the same subject.
-> In order to link the right emails together, your subject must look like a banner for your messages. To elaborate people their task, always include their word of action in the subject.
-> If somehow the topic changes in future, then you have to just change the subject correspondingly. By doing this, you won’t be having any irrelevant messages in your mailbox .

2. Always Be Diligent Towards Your Addressee.

-> ​Let’s assume that you have a mailing list and you want that, everybody in it must read the mail which was sent by you.
 So, in the starting only just explain, the main reasons of sending the email to the group.
 Apart from that, if you think that may be some of the recipients won’t give a reply to you, then you could use the Cc and Bcc options of gmail, so that they could know what’s happening.

3. Clarify It While Adding Or Eliminating Someone From a Conversation.

-> A group may be flooded with large number of people. Due to this, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to notice when someone has joined or eliminated from the conversation.
-> So to avoid this, always use the + or – sign while adding or deleting someone from the conversation.
​->For example, if you want to add a person named as Rahul, then type “+Rahul” so that everybody could know that he has been added in the conversation now. Similarly if you want to restrict the conversation only to a small number of people then type “-Rahul”. So that everyone could know that Rahul is not a part of the communication. By doing this everyone will be clear who is included or excluded from the conversation.

4. Bury Immaterial Emails.

​-> Gmail has a mute conversation option by which the irrelevant mails will skip your inbox and will be automatically get archived.
 The benefit of this option is that you won’t see any pop ups of the pointless mails which are no longer of your interests. By enabling this option you can easily focus only on your relevant mails.

5. Have A Discussion On Video Or Chat Rather Than On Email.

​-> A face to face interaction is much more easy and clear than having a discussion on a group which contains a large number of email recipients.
 So to avoid the confusion use Hangouts to have a video call with anyone around the globe. Or, if the conversation is going to be only with a reply of yes or no then in that case you can use Hangouts chat, to make the conversation simple and short.

6. Share And Receive Opinions In The Actual Time

-> Establish a video call in the actual time to know about the views of other people in a meeting.
-> Create a template to save your notes and later share it with your all teammates. Anyone can add their opinions to the notes during the call.

7. Arrange A Meeting With The Receiver Of Email, Directly From Your Inbox.

​-> A direct meeting could be a more productive way than an email conversation, for discussion. A meeting can be easily get plan with gmail.
 The subject of the email is automatically the title of the event, messages of the email acts as a description, and the participants are the people from the email thread.

8. Undo The Sent Emails.

-> You can easily bring back your send message by enabling Gmail’s Undo Send feature.
-> Suppose, you made a mistake in your email and you realize it after sending it, then you can revert back the sent message but only within a time limit of 30 seconds.

9. Insert Attachments To Email.

-> To clarify something which you can’t explain in an email, you can add attachments.
-> Gmail gives you a limit of only 25 mb for the attachment of files. To exceed the limit upto 30GB, use Drive files rather than attachments.

10. Message In Groups To Deliver Same Information To A Large Number Of People.

-> If you want to deliver any information, for example details of a project, which have to be delivered to many people.
 Then in that case create a Group and send the message to everyone using only one email address.


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