Improve Your Mailbox


1. Maintain Your Inbox By Using Labels and Filters.

-> Filters and labels play an important role to simplify your mailbox. They help you to focus only on the most crucial messages. With filters you can create, star, delete and forward your mail.
 Labels also let you to categorize messages into various categories such as work, family etc.You can also automatically label and delete message from your inbox just by creating a filter.

2. Get A Reverse Back On Your Sent Messages.

-> If in case, you had sent a message which contains some errors or if you forgot to include a recipient and later you realized that you shouldn’t sent the message.
->Then you could easily undo your sent  message only up to 30 seconds, just by turning on the Gmail’s undo feature.

3. Classify Your Emails As Per Your Priority 

-> Gmail has a priority inbox option, which targets on the messages who have the high priority in your mailbox, by separating them from rest of the other messages.
 It divides the inbox into three categories i.e important, starred, unread and everything else. You can also indicate the messages which are important to you. With time, the prediction of priority inbox gets much better on targeting the messages that are important to you.

4. Keep A Look At Your Crucial Work On The To Do List.

​-> Set your various work according to its priority with the help of tasks in calendar or Gmail.
-> Email can easily be transformed into tasks.
​-> Apart from that also set the deadline of your work on your calendar.

5. Use Canned Responses To Save Your Time.

-> There can be a scenario when you have to write the same message to many people again and again. This could be time consuming.
-> To tackle out these kind of scenarios use Gmail’s canned responses.
 Just save once your message for these kind of event, and forward it to anyone you want without consuming much time.

6. Shift From One Signature To Another

-> With Gmail’s canned responses create several multiple signatures. Illustrate each and every signature with distinct colors, photos, links, fonts, etc.

7. Put The Immaterial Emails In Mute Mode. 

-> There can be a case where you would have stuck with a thread whose emails are no longer use for you.
 To avoid the situation just mute the email conversation. By doing this, all your future replies will be automatically get archived and your mailbox will be clean.
 If you want to have an access to it later, then also you could easily restore them.

8. Make Shortcuts In Keyboards To Access Gmail Faster. 

-> Switch on and use the Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts to save your time and increase your productivity.
-> Using shortcuts, you can directly go to the search bar, move to the previous or next message or delete a message etc.
-> All these tasks could be child’s play for you, just by using shortcuts.

9. Check If the Email Is Read By Recipient Or Not.

​-> You can easily find out that, if you are sending an important mail to someone, then he had read your mail or not.
 All what you have to do is set up a read receipt. Once the person opens your message, you will get an email which will tell you about the date and time of the message at which the recipient read the message.

10. Without Generating New Accounts, Use Various Work Related Email Address. -> Sometimes, you may be in need to use different email address for different tasks. But what if, you don’t want to create a new account each time?
-> Well Gmail gives you liberty at such circumstances. All what you have to do is just add a “+” sign and any word before the “@” sign in your present email address.
 You can receive all of your messages and also you could have endless email addresses for your various work purposes.   


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