Inspect Your Data With The Aim of Detecting Useful Information.


 1. Decide Strategies According To The Traffic Generated.

-> Google Analytics is one of the tool provided by Google, with the help of which you can view how many viewers have been there on your site as well the user’s opinion about your site.
-> With Google Analytics you can make your planning of work. Once you get the data, use Google Script to shift the data into Sheets.

2. Make Subsets Of Your Data in A Simple Go.

-> If you want to make subgroups of your data then with the help of the Explore feature of Sheets,it can be done.
-> Just select the columns that you want to include in subgroups. You could easily find the figure in your data which you want to extract.
-> Your graphs will be updated at the same time, once this action has been done. You could use all the graphs during your presentation also.

3. Compute The Data Quickly With Various Formulas. 

-> There are several preset formulas, also known as functions in Sheets which could make your work easier.
-> Whether you want to find out the maximum, minimum, average or any other result, these calculations could be easily done and they show the instant result.

4. Alter The Common Data Separately.

-> If you and your co-workers are working on a same spreadsheet, then you could easily filter the data, and all of your co-workers won’t be able to see the changes.
Filter views can be easily saved, if you want to have a quick access in future.
-> These filter views could also be shared by all other co-workers in order to get the most compatible data.

5. Emphasize Crucial Data. 

-> Many critical changes can be missed, if number of people are working on the same spreadsheet.
 With the help of formatting rules of Sheets, you could easily track all the updates. For a case, if your sales department is recording the earnings in a spreadsheet, you could easily set up some guidelines to change the color of the cell when they will achieve their goal.

6. Explore The Large Data Sets Easily.  

-> It could be a sticky situation if you have a huge amount of data in your spreadsheet and you want to search some specific data.
 Solve this complication with the help of the QUERY function in Sheets. You could easily add, sort, filter and verify values of your data with this function.

 7. Recover Your Previous Form Of Data.

-> You could easily reacquire your previous form of data,  just keep your Sheets drafts at one place.
-> If there are various co-workers working on a single spreadsheet, then you can easily see that who had made what variations to the data.

8. Trade The Data From Some Other Spreadsheet

-> Suppose your data is in various spreadsheets and you want to merge all the data in a single spreadsheet.
 Then in that case by using IMPORTRANGE function in sheets, this work can be easily done.

9. Keep A Check On Your Financial Data 

-> If you want to keep a look on the stock prices, or if you want to anticipate the future trends then all these challenges could be easily achieved by using the GOOGLEFINANCE function in sheets.

10. Make A Particular Category While Scrolling.

​-> If you are working on a big project with your team, then always mention the category of every column. This will help you to know that what type of data you are looking.


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