Store Information In Electronic Form Rather Than On Paper.


1. Instead Of Conducting Paper Surveys Use Online Forms. 

-> Whether you need a feedback, event response, signups for volunteer and many more. All these tasks can be easily get accomplished by using Forms. 
-> Once, you send a Form you could easily get a response in Sheets in actual time. After that, outline your result in a graph, with the help of explore feature.

2. Keep A Look On Relevant Schedules And Deadlines.

-> Create an online project strategy in Sheets for tracking the tasks, Maintain a list of to do tasks and appoint it to all teammates.
-> Any update in the task list can be done by anyone in the actual time. After that, construct an online team calendar by using Calendar, that can be used as well as can be updated by anyone, if the deadlines gets changed. Whenever a team meeting is scheduled, add the project plan to the event in Calendar and inquire for everyone’s update before the meeting.

3. Generate, Share And Store Data Online Rather Than Taking A Print Out Of It. 

-> Manage and save your any type of file ( images, PDFs, videos, etc) in Drive. Due to Drive, every teammate will get the updated content. With the share and access quality of Drive, you could easily work with the internal teams and the external participants easily.
 You can create documents in your browser’s window. Rather than taking printouts for your training discussion, write the document in Docs and share it easily, or you could also share the charts and presentation in Sheets and Slides. Every teammate could see the latest version of the content on any of their devices in the actual time.

4. Construct A Bulletin Board 

-> Share easily the project related information like the reports about the project development, forthcoming events, notices. We don’t have to print out the information to share it.
-> Create a group which includes all the teammates so that the sharing could become more easy as due to Groups the information will reach at everyone’s mailbox instantly.

5. Make A Group Discussion To Provide Ideas And Feedback Online.

-> In large teams, the printouts of your reviews and sharing may increase the complexity of your work. Use Docs, Sheets, Slides for the creation of files online and share it with all team members and collaborators to receive the suggestions.

6. Allocate The Resources To Your Team On An Internal Website.

-> Tracking the resources could be a bit difficult and time consuming if your teammates are from around the world. The solution is, construct a Site and share all the important information in it.Due to this, the teammate’s location will not be an issue and they will get the updated resources easily.  

7. Save All The Drafts In A Single File And Move Back To The Previous Versions At Anytime.

-> ​Multiple drafts could be required when you are working with various data like images, videos , PDFs etc. Use Drive to store all the drafts in a single place to arrange them properly.
​-> You can easily move back to the earlier version also at anytime. Apply the revision history option, if you want to move back to the previous versions.

8. Scan And Store The Documents Online.

​-> Scan the documents with the Drive app on your mobile and get PDFs of any data quickly.

9. Share The PDF Form Of Your Data.

-> You can easily download and open the PDF files, but if you are updating the file, it means that you are sharing numerous form of the same file.
 Ignore this, by sharing a link to a PDF form link of your file. After this, your teammates can automatically view the updated version of the PDF.

10. Educate Your New Workers At Anytime Without Even Meeting Them .

-> If you have to train some people and you even won’t have time to go onsite. Then in this case use Hangouts and create a virtual class and get connected with all of your sales team. By doing this your time and travel cost will be surely get saved. After that use Sites to create a website and update all your resources in it, so that all the data can be present at one place.


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